The Triumphant Return of Nuintari the Great

In a discussion with some of my hacker friends, I mentioned that my home network is a giant virtualized switch in the form of VPLS. The ensuring discussion of Roku issues I was having due to my over-engineered house got me this reaction:

The ensuing discussion lead me to the decide to start blogging again. This of course lead me down a huge rabbit hole of securing a decent hosting option. Obnoxious, since I no longer work for the Internet, and no longer get these things for free. But I digress, talking about networking is pretty much why I got this site back up and running. I also have some infosec and sysadmin topics in the works, but I wanted to get the ball rolling with my true passion, which is networks. Unlike a lot of technical blogs, I intend for this to be as entertaining as it is informative. I also hope to avoid getting into the rut of just posting the steps. I intend to explain why you need to do various things, or at least why you should.

None of this was made any easier by the day job, which had me furiously working away at something huge. Said something huge is nearly finished, but I still can’t talk about it. Since my life has quieted down significantly at least in the short term, I thought I should get a few articles written. Part one of the hacker house of MPLS doom is in the pipe right after this meta post, so stay tuned!